Cutting Machine

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Industrial Waste Shredder

Price: 90000-135000 INR
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:30-60 Days
  • Power(W):Direct Watt (w)
  • Cutter Type:X cut
  • Sheet Capacity:Unlimited
  • Auto-Stop:Yes
  • Cut Size:10
  • Noise Level:Low db
  • Basket Type:Wastebasket
  • Safety System:Yes
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Industrial Shredding Machines

Price: 1 INR

Heavy Duty Paper Shedding Machines can continually shred large quantities of paper for long periods of time. Their attractive design, silent operation and continuous usage make them a nice addition to any large office, copy room or communications center. This machine is ideal for use by a shredding company who provides shredding services to customers and also offers mobile shredding services or large companies and corporate offices Removing staples and paper clips are a thing of the past. Heavy Duty Paper Shredders can easily accommodate these items without harming the machine and saving you time in the process. High Capacity Shredders are just the tools to destroy large quantities of paper in a short amount of time.

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Heavy Duty Shredder Machine

Price: 25000-40000 INR

This machine is meant for continuous use in a manufacturing / factory environment with a 3 phase power source. Application: For destroying Quality Control rejected packaging material like: Dam aged or misprinted sachet packets* meant for various FMCG products (e.g. detergent powder, tea, coffee, biscuits, noodles, frozen foods, shampoos, henna, ketchup, powdered soups, pencil batteries or any other fast moving consumer goods) Damaged or misprinted blister packs of medicines, Damaged or misprinted aluminum foils of medicines Damaged or misprinted duplex boxes, med guides etc.

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Heavy Duty Document Shredder

Price: 35500 INR

This heavy-duty document shredder is the best for shred paper securely. It works with Low Noise while shredding. This machine is easily accessing anyone.

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Industrial Rubber Shredder

Price: 189000 INR

This Industrial Rubber shredder is the best for shred rubber securely. It works with Low Noise while shredding. This machine is easily accessing anyone.

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Heavy Duty Shredding Machines

Price: 90000-135000 INR

SMBZ industrial paper shredders is a Made in India brand producing high quality, innovative shredding and document destruction equipment since 1998. We are a fully capable design and manufacturing facility, situated in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. With a range of models from office use to industrial capacities with shredding of 50 to 500 sheets / pass we offer the widest range of paper shredders manufactured in India. We believe optimum productivity and value for money is what our customers should get, for this we use the finest materials and components from the world’s best manufacturers, uncompromising quality has yielded a unshakeable reputation of solidly built and extremely durable SMBZ shredding machines with the label – ‘Made in India’. Over the years we have come across varied customer requirements, to provide a solution for each of these situations has been exiting, rather such unique requirements are what we are always looking for! Special machine customization challenges our capabilities, making manufacturing tasks more of a learning experience than just routine chores.

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Industrial Green Waste Shredder

Price: 180000 INR

This Industrial Green Waste shredder is the best for shred green wastage securely. It works with Low Noise while shredding. This machine is easily accessing anyone.

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Automatic CD shredder machine

Price: 1 INR/Piece

we are the prominent manufacturer,supplier and trader of multi functional shredder.we deliver quality silent shredder to our valuable client.this multi functional shredder destroy cds,dvds,floppy,disks,staples,paper clips.this also have auto integrated reverse function for easy removal of jammed paper.our silent shredder are available at very reasonable rate. feature : dust proof enclosed cabinet. mounted on rollers for flexible use. materials : shock resistant plastic,wood. specifications : paper cutting sizes (mm) : 3,8 mm. cutting size digital media (mm) : 8 mm. shredding capacity 70 g\m/* : 22-24 sheets. shredding speed 70 g\m*( sheets\min) : 388 sheets\min. din paper size : A4. catch basket volume (L) : 45 l. supply voltage (volts) : 230 volts. noise level : less than 55 db (A). gross weight : 38 kilograms. net weight : 32 kilograms. width (cm) : 45 cm. depth (cm) : 39 cm. height (cm) : 66 cm.


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